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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is the 'best'?

Dedicating our lives to becoming the ‘best’ can be something addictive, incredibly competitive and also dangerous when that dream is placed into the wrong hands.

Becoming the best at something constitutes of a goal that is almost nearly impossible. It is hard to illustrate the best human, in fact its nearly impossible. This is because the term ‘best’ is so incredibly subjective and opinionated that I don’t understand why the word was even created. It is simply a measure of quantity to put yourself over another person, and that in itself is already segregation and inequality. It is fine to be better at something than someone else, its natural. Some people have certain qualities that allow them to excel faster or better at certain tasks or skills, but that doesn’t necessarily make you the best person for the job because you might lack in some other area where another succeeds in.

If we believe truly in some sort of biological ‘best’ gene that is within one of our species, we are very much firing shots in darkness and hurting ourselves in the process. If there was a perfect gene then evolution, life and everything we strive for as a species would be worthless. Why would we continue to push forward if the perfect gene is out there. It isn’t, and it never has been. Evolution is based on the fact that no gene is immune to everything, and that a weakness is always evident no matter what the cause. We breed as a species randomly to hopefully find a gene that will cover a certain weakness, and to create newer genes into the massive population so we can improve ourselves but not individually become the best.

The search for the perfect or best aspect is one with no end, but yet we are obsessed with it naturally. That comes with the will for us to improve as a species or race, to continue overcoming the challenges that our world persists over every second of our lives on Earth. 

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  1. I don't want to be the best, I just want to be me. The chase for perfectionism is a tar trap that can destroy the best of us.