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Sunday, November 13, 2011

To Put Into Context...part 2

We listen. We ignore. We complain. We never learn.

The biggest regret that I have in my life is the amount of wisdom and ideas that I’ve ignored when given to me for free. It’s free education, inspiration and instructions that come out of nowhere with no work required to achieve it, yet I ignored it’s perspectives and suffered in the future. This led to the thought of how the world has also suffered similar fates. War is a clear and obvious example of how we have not learnt from past mis-deeds, and also the existence of communism in the world.
We all know the corruption that exists in our empires of inhabitation, our local towns are filled with those with greed in their veins. Pumping their minds and hearts with dollar signs when opportunities arise. But where are those people who work with no reward? Charity. That’s where. The silent but yet effective volunteerism in the world that keeps the world alive and respectful. The thing that gets ignored in the mainstream media and society’s eyes could be what saves us from total corruption and social breakdown. They must be recognised more, and it delights me in how schools and other local organisations all donate annually and some even monthly or weekly.
It will be a tragic day when charity fraud takes over the main scheme of things. Can you imagine using images of poverty-stricken individuals and towns being used only for cash and money? It is dreadful, and yet it still happens. In 2009, 5 Muslim men were arrested due to charity fraud allegations against them. The largest Muslim charity was targeted after money was given to a militant Palestinian Organsation (as CNN described). Absolutely dreadful that people would use charities as a way to get money, a scam at the highest level of disrespect. But the main message here is: it shows the power of human greed and how it can affect people.
For me, we have to remember how much power we have as humans to cause havoc and destruction. It’s so easy for us to do, scarily easy in fact. As said in George Orwell’s Animal Farm: man’s greatest weapons is his/her hands. And this is true. Our hands are the basis for all destruction that has ever occurred on this Earth.

WE must learn and we must improve!

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