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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Washing My Skin

Washing My Skin

Washing my Skin away from the dirt,
That has remained for years on end,
Let me fall, throw me high,
Understand that its all one lie.

Dodging Cars, Settling the tracks,
We believe in our lives are all safe,
Don't know why, make it out,
I want to understand, the real you.

Running away from a sense of urgency,
Letting the call cry from above,
Ignoring the factors of our own lines,
You are the last light to fight.

Wreckage in the messages and fears,
Moving on, past circus stains,
Crimson skies in the darkness below,
Washing away our skins, that don't belong.

Sound the horns, alarms may ring,
May we laugh with desire and vision,
Worlds that exist, but are forgotten,
May you fall, I'll be there.

To catch your life because its what I dare to do.

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