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Monday, December 19, 2011

Benefits of Tourism: Australian Experience

What is it becoming?
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Community engagement beings domestically, but then improves with the international benefits. This is important for creating character and culture in a certain area and community. Creating history and tradition and giving people a sense of well-being in a place where they feel confident and safe.
However, tourism brings a different vein of light into a place. It creates employment opportunities mainly with tourism officers needed to host new arrivals into a country. Tourists will be likely to also spend more money than the average consumer of a country because they are visiting only for a short while, and cherished memories are placed into physical objects of such. Therefore financially it is incredibly rewarding for a variety of outlets such as national tourist shops and even retailers. The largest, and also most controversial, factor of new people visiting a country can be the new cultures joining original ones. A new flavour in a recipe and a chance to learn about how other people see the world and react to different actions.

In Australia, the acceptance of someone new coming into the country is 50/50. A big divide of patriots who don’t want new people coming to live in Australia, and another of people who accept the new cultures. Australia is now becoming built primarily on its multiculturalism and the acceptance and willing to learn from each other. That was my own understanding of Australia when I first arrived, a place with such a mix of culture it was interesting to see how people reacted.

Of course Australia never used to be multiculturalist and only a couple of decades ago as it only became Foreign Policy then, it were never something that sat comfortably with the country.  Journalist John Menadue described the diversity of Australian’s born overseas to be over 50% of the population now, meaning Australia has no choice but to engage in multiculturalist activities to suit more people coming from overseas. The Sydney Herald described the main way multiculturalism works is through mutual respect for each other’s ideas and perspectives.

From a personal perspective, I find the Australian people very rigid about bringing in people from overseas and allowing them to live here. Stereotypes rain down constantly, and other racial slurs are now being passed as being acceptable in society. Do we really accept new cultures with respect?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everything Is Natural

You make the noise stutter,
Wind change Direction, Ill-thought manners,
Crying Fires in the sky,
Making the weather tremble.

We don’t see what we don’t believe,
Living on the empty onus of man,
Stricken high, but the pain below,
Cannot wait outside no more

Everything is natural, but the air,
Its full of the blame we spat out,
See it in the bright night air,
Slowly killing us in the mind

I just want to leave here,
Alone in my planet, lost in space,
Live and become old here,
In the array of death.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Internet Experience

Internet: useful but dangerous.
(Image from AFC)

It is of no surprise the imminent danger of using the internet for whatever reason. Everything tracked and placed somewhere in a large collection. The information is mind-blowing at the very least and useful, but many have begun to believe it is causing problems especially for younger children.

Cyber bullying, child abuse and other violent measures that flood the internet are very easy to be accessed by children even by accident. Advertisements, false links and other similar mediums cause problems for young children who may use the internet just out of curiosity. It just isn’t safe to leave a young child on the internet to peruse because of these terrible influences that come in their millions. According to a UNICEF report, the internet growth and crimes such as sexual abuse are almost unrelated but the internet opens doors for such events to occur. It allows predators to extend their reach over their prey around the world because of how connected the internet may be.

The internet is being used more and more, with computers becoming a vital part of all education worldwide. School children access the internet to gain information to help with their studies and this has to be balanced with the threats that are able. Schools utilise a lot of safety programs to prevent such influences on the children, but away from school at home may don’t have the luxury of having such devices and so the internet opens up to them.

Youth are easy to control, and easy to influence especially through something as large as the internet. When I was starting my teen years I had rarely ever touched a computer, and so I was never taught ways of online responsibility. This was learnt extremely quickly when the computer began to take over my schooling and social life altogether. From what I see on the internet today with young children being able to access such a wealth of information, its only natural for curiosity to rise as well. The ability to search anything and get an answer is a tool many generations previous never had. However, control must be taught and responsibility and this comes of parenting and discipline.

The internet is an extremely useful source of information, but it can also become the basis of a large downfall if used wrongly by an individual.

Kasabian " Velociraptor" - Album Review

Kasabian are back at their best.

“Velociraptor” is the 4th album of British band Kasabian, and it is their greatest effort yet. Bringing musical styles from across their album bases with a variety of instruments, backup vocals, powerful ambience and synthesized beats, Velociraptor has become an instant personal favourite of mine in my growing record collection.

The album, highlighted by single Days of Forgotten, begins with a trumpet solo bellowing out of background noises. Raising suspense for an up tempo verse, pumping with drums and Tom Meighan’s catchy vocals. Serge Pizzorno’s back up vocals bring that Kasabian-esque atmosphere immediately into the album with a song that grasps the rawness of their previous record West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Aslyum, and also a new sense of rock and roll.  Days Are Forgotten follows soon after, with a sense of Club Foot starting with a driving bass line over a drum beat. Pizzorno’s vocals high pitch and rising before Meighan begins his solid vocal layer. The drive of the song continues before breaking into an anthem like chorus that soars the album higher than ever expected. Guitars and continued beats bring the track back to down letting the listener beg for more.

Goodbye Kiss is perhaps the most unexpected song on the album especially from an electronic based band of Kasabian. The song grasps similar raw sounds heard on Arctic Monkeys’ album Humbug, and brings in acoustic guitars and a quaint string section. An instant classic at best with another chorus that keeps the album at stardom and rising. The songwriting and composition of this track is exemplary, and is one of the best on the album. La Fee Verte brings another flavour to the album with Pizzorno’s haunting lyrics over a catchy keyboard riff. Very raw with strings creating a rising suspense, another great track.

Rock and Roll is next defined with the track Velocirpator. Although not the best song written, the album needed a fast pace rock song on it and this fills in nicely. High tempo, strong drum riffs and insanely catchy verses brings the album back down to the ground. However, not for long as the next track Acid Turkish Bath sends the album into the instant classic zone. An opening Arabic sounding string section is coupled with powerful drums. Pizzorno and an acoustic guitar begin the verses creating  a haunting and mellow feel. This song should not be missed. It’s like a tune from the best film ever created.

I Hear Voices and Rewired bring back the sounds of the original Kasabian album, bringing a mixture of electric based riffs around catchy vocals and strong bass and guitar lines. A good familiar sound that will grab back fans who may have been lost with the slight tinge of change in the bands sound. Both songs are strong, and would excel in the live arena. Catchy and the album continues with no stopping with A Man of Simple Pleasures. An instant favourite, with a beckoning start with interesting bass lines coupled again by more haunting back ground noise. The chorus soars the album back high again with an unforgettable melody.

Switchblade Smiles is made for the stage, the live performances and the arena. Beginning with a typical Kasabian vocal with rising synthesizer loops before it breaks into haven with drums kicking in. Neon Noon then ends the album on the high note, a strong finish to an album that deserves extremely high praise for its effort and composition. A very good effort from Kasabian overall, and may branch their music style even further.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Hellish Stereotype

Look at what we've done.

Whaling is only legal for scientific purposes in Japan, and unlike what many think, its not a collective positive response over there. Not all Japanese people are whale consumers or the supporters of hunting large whales.

According to the 2006 Gallup Poll by the Nippon Research Centre, over 95% of inhabitants in Japan had NOT eaten whale meet for a long time. Its eaten rarely, therefore it could immediately show some evidence that it is for a scientific  matter that the whales are hunted. I am not defending what has been done by the Japanese hunters, it’s a terrible thing to hunt down such gorgeous mammals, however the stereotype seems to expand over the Japanese people as well. There are many groups in Japan that see Whaling as a traditional, but there is an equal amount that see hunting and killing as unthinkable and illegal. Whaling is not apart of the Japanese culture, and anybody who has lived there will immediately understand that.

What Australians forget is that us too have engaged in Whaling activities in the past. It has been alleged that between 1820-30s the whaling industry was at a large peak in Australia off the south-east coast of new South Wales. A lot of coastal whaling outposts were established alongside the coastal areas in this time as well.

Over the course of time of sailing to the Antarctic Oceans, over 40,000 humpback whales were killed. Commercial whaling didn’t actually stop until the recent 1978 where 16000 sperm whales were killed from 1952 up to that point. The Anti-whaling policy began in 1979, it took over 150 years for this to be adopted by the Australian people, and an environmentalist approach began in Australia as a result.

The stereotype against the Japanese people is terrible and unjust, especially from the Australian people who have engaged in whaling for well over 100 years before this point as well.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gaga's Anti-Bullying Anthem

Its a serious issue.
(Image from S.A.F.E)

The opinions of Lady Gaga, her music, persona, controversial clothing or whatever else people think of can be deluded by anti-individualists. On the 6th of December, 2011, Lady Gaga visited the White House to discuss her new cause of bullying prevention. A crime that occurs consistently around the world on a variety of different level of mental and physical unrest. Bullying is nowhere a new thing in society, but something that is repeatedly growing and sometimes out of control.

Lady Gaga joins a host of sporting heroes and celebrities against the war of bullying in schools at a young and teenage age. CNN reported Anderson Cooper described cyber bullying as something that is unavoidable because it can occur even in the safety of one’s room. Cooper explains the use of words because “these words do have power and are used like weapons.” The safety of your own space and room can now be breached as never before even by our curiosity at looking a website, comments and other forms of communication with the outside world can be offensive and sometimes degrading.

Probably the most prominent figure in the war against Bullying comes from the President himself. President Obama has sent a personal message to all victims saying “you did not do anything to deserve being bullied.” The President understands the seriousness of the issue, he sent a personal message out. You would think all those who are the giver of physical abuse in schools would suddenly realise the error of their own ways. Musicians Madonna, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and even Justin Bieber have all given out a clear message about bullying. Their message is to start accepting yourself for who you are as a person, and to tell somebody of higher power the result of the abuse you receive.

These are commercially important people that dominate the entertainment scene around the world. Figures that people look up to in the modern day, and yet still the issue of bullying occurs around the world. An article from explained that an estimated 200 million children are being bullied by peers, and as a result they are 3 times more likely to show depressive symptoms and ideas about personal suicide. This is a serious issue, and the statistics come from a variety of tests done in schools worldwide. In addition to these statistics, it is seen as a still rising issue in how more children each year seek help services as a result of bullying.

Domestically, 1 of every 4 children is affected by bullying and is a rising problem domestically still. is a good place to start if anybody is interested about this issue, or knows anybody that needs help. Its about getting to the heart of the matter and weeding out how to stop it from ever happening again. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


What does it really mean?

This is one of the most subjective topics in the world. Discipline and its meaning, severity and physicality are different to every individual and their own emotions and experiences. As to how much and far disciplining of a child or anyone should go is up to the parent, and in the modern day is done in secrecy as well.

Mainstream society doesn’t support physical disciplining of children anymore. With my upbringing, I just took it as something every child had to go with. It makes us stronger, makes us not submit to the same mistakes over and over again. A threat is important for that, the consequence of doing something can prevent us from making errors every day.

Therefore, smacking or hitting a child for disciplinary reasons has gone into the underworld. A Poll done on the Adelaide Advertiser revealed that over 85% of parents have hit their child, however they regret doing so. Scarily still, only a mere 5% of those who voted only hit their child when danger is present – disciplining. This can represent a change in how disciplining is now conducted. Is it really to prevent a child from doing something, or an excuse to take frustrations out on somebody smaller and younger?

From experience, I’ve faced the pain mainly for the disciplining way. When younger, if I did something dangerous of bad it was a slap to the face. Whether or not that slap was malicious or not, it taught me never to do it again. It is, however, sickening if parents use their child as a personal punching bag to vent frustrations. As I’ve now entered adulthood and joined University and other social clubs I meet a lot of parents and see how disciplining works in different families. From talking to parents I’ve gathered that children can cause frustration easily to the parent’s eye, but the acceptance is there that they are children. If you have a child you should be ready for the onslaught of disciplinary actions needed to control them.

Other animals learnt the hard way through evolution where many of the species would have died because of an accident one made and rest followed. Us being human and having the ability to learn more, plus the invention of the internet, having a child should is something that can be researched and the expected outcomes to persist. Of course every child is different and reacts in its unique way, but some basic forms of annoyance can be generalised and parents should be aware of this.

Discipline in society is important, and as a follow up to myarticle on young teenagers roaming streets at night, more may need to be exhibited to prevent chaos and dangers happening. 

Crackdown shows progress

Public transport crime on the rise?
(Picture from

The recent crackdown of the alleged 40 street kids roaming the Perth streets at night comes as something of success.

I live up in the northern parts of Perth nearby Currambine and Joondalup, and I think many believe the night is a treacherous place especially around train stations and other public venues. The article explains the irresponsibility of parents of the modern day in letting young teenagers and children wander freely the streets. A sign of lacking discipline, and maybe also an indication of change.

The younger generations are more curious than ever, and my experiences in talking to them through charity events, music events and even back in High School answered a lot of questions. They see a lot on the media, television, radio and newspapers that explain a lifestyle that is so different to theirs. Different in positive ways with money, riches, apparent total freedom and other similar aspects. Young children are easy to penetrate in terms of engaging their minds. If something interests them it will sink deeply very quickly because of immaturity and also curiosity.

Musician Noel Gallagher recently explained that the media “shows kids a lifestyle they will most likely never have,” as a result of the London Riots. I believe this viewpoint grasped large points at how mediums of television and affect a child. In Perth, and I’m sure many other places internationally, this problem is continuing to happen. Here in Perth, teenagers seek the power to do whatever they want even if the law and age of consent is against them. I speak of Perth because it is where I am most acquainted with this phenomena.

After listening to conversations on various social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to understand that teenagers want a lifestyle that is of pure pleasure that is seen on their favourite television shows. I believe it’s down to good parenting to install the knowledge of achieving such a lifestyle, and that of hard work and qualifications. This seems to lack in the modern day, and so children roam freely in search for this future wish. In return bad influences creep in with drug, smoking and alcohol abuse.

I hope personally the crackdown of Perth continues, and the message gets across of the dangers of lacking discipline in a child and teenager. I also hope around the world follows the same path or already is.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Past

What happened before...creates what happens now. 
(Image from Jasonepowell on Flickr)

Forgetting what has happened before our even existence is known as ignorance. The emotion that gathers to ignore everything that occurred to create the present has chaotic consequences.

I find that in the mainstream society, the past is often taken as something to forget. To “move on…”. I highly criticise this attitude, and feel its wrong to forget what has been done. If an individual has something they regret and wish to bury it away, it doesn’t mean its gone. It will return as so many things do. It will repeat, relapse in you’re mind at any given time in the future. This is immediate indication that the past should not be left for the dead.

If there’s an immortal force on this earth it has to be the past, and what was left behind as we move forward every second of our lives. The past cannot be changed, defeated or even lost. It’s remains are stricken everywhere for us to remember, and for us to learn from. Its natural, and yet people try so hard to forget it.

We have to learn from what has occurred in the past to give us solutions or clues as to what happens in the present and the future. I always enjoy watching television, listening to music and play games that create a reality of the past that becomes important at the present. It plays with people’s minds that the problem at cause can actually be solved with prior knowledge we don’t seem to want to know.

When this idea is placed into the minds of society at the present, I think the world will move forward in a more confident stature that we are all learning and not ignoring.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Power of the Hand

Animal Farm is a novel I studied back in High School, and an experience I found to be extremely fulfilling and important. It’s a novel that can really help answer questions about what our world was before the present in a way that is understandable to anyone from any community.

It depicts satirically the Russian Revolution but in the scene of a farm, using animals as the real figures of the time. A phrase that I found interesting and extremely relevant was the idea that the Human Hand is our most powerful weapon. Strangely, I had never thought to myself how our hands have caused destruction, death, chaos and also the amazing positive things as well. It finishes the jobs that we want done, and is used for everything yet it is forgotten.

The novel explains how without our hands we would be nothing, just another ordinary species in a food chain. However, I also see it as a metaphor for something a lot larger as well. Everything we want to finish or achieve is all done with common thought and instinctiveness. Such as if we want to pick up a spoon or a cup, we use our hands without even thinking about it. It’s already triggered within us to reach out and grasp, so we have forgotten how we complete tasks that may seem easy and obvious. We forget how much power we already have even without mainstream factors of money or assets.

Our hands have been the cause of millions of deaths at the present and definitely in the past. They manufactured weapons to use to make killing easier, and to cause destruction easier. It all starts from the hand, and finishes with the hand. I admit, it was a real smack in face when I realised this through the novel. Maybe I should have figured it out earlier…

This wouldn’t be complete unless acknowledging the great things we have also done though. Such as the many saved from illness every day, charity work that requires the hands for help and even saving animals and showing affection. Our hands are the basis of everything we do on the earth. They are our puppets, and we can make them perform so much and allow them to affect and consume us. The power is near infinite, and up to us.

Tools of destruction? Or the tools to save the world?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Subjectivity - A real future?

I believe that it is often forgotten that everything that we think, see and retrieve is all subjective. As logical as this may sound, it is something that causes problems socially and in communities.

Subjectivity refers to our physical and mental emotions that allow us to draw conclusions on specific ideas or issues. Such as our perception on war, religion and even the reaction to what clothes somebody is wearing. We are built as unique beings in the Universe, and blessed with the ability to think differently to every other in our species. That separates us from other species of animal or amphibian around us. The power to become different is so powerful, and yet can be so forgotten.

It can safely be said that collectively we live in a democratic and free dominion. That is something accepted by the general cohort around the world even though it may not even be the case. There is no rule book as to how you are supposed to view particular issues such as abortion or suicide. Legally, it is flexible enough for us to make our own decisions as to what we think as a reaction. However, since no direct law is stated to think a certain way, mediums such as television, peer pressure and other media related forms push us towards a certain direction.

Another large generalisation that could be safely agreed upon is the act of murder is wrong. However, where does this sort of idea come from? It could strand from religion-based views on a terrible act of killing, or even the regretful emotions of loss. Murder is a very large issue, and seen to be the ultimate sin generally in communities, but it’s important to look at how these ideas on topics have come to existence. Why do we think this way, and do we actually dare to step outside the view of so many people?

It questions how subjective we really are, and how our minds think and work. We collect information every second even without noticing, constantly learning and using it to advantage us in the future. Communities can crumble if subjectivity takes over, and we all become completely unique to the other. Interest groups would deplete, and society would fall reign to havoc and division. Some people may crave to be different in the world, and to have their own ‘specific’ view on the largest issues. This may be fine for certain situations, but in essence, we have to become united to face problems that appear. Subjectivity has to be balanced with generally agreed ideas on issues. It should be used to improve our mindset and ideas, and not a tool to create chaos where peace should permit.