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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Subjectivity - A real future?

I believe that it is often forgotten that everything that we think, see and retrieve is all subjective. As logical as this may sound, it is something that causes problems socially and in communities.

Subjectivity refers to our physical and mental emotions that allow us to draw conclusions on specific ideas or issues. Such as our perception on war, religion and even the reaction to what clothes somebody is wearing. We are built as unique beings in the Universe, and blessed with the ability to think differently to every other in our species. That separates us from other species of animal or amphibian around us. The power to become different is so powerful, and yet can be so forgotten.

It can safely be said that collectively we live in a democratic and free dominion. That is something accepted by the general cohort around the world even though it may not even be the case. There is no rule book as to how you are supposed to view particular issues such as abortion or suicide. Legally, it is flexible enough for us to make our own decisions as to what we think as a reaction. However, since no direct law is stated to think a certain way, mediums such as television, peer pressure and other media related forms push us towards a certain direction.

Another large generalisation that could be safely agreed upon is the act of murder is wrong. However, where does this sort of idea come from? It could strand from religion-based views on a terrible act of killing, or even the regretful emotions of loss. Murder is a very large issue, and seen to be the ultimate sin generally in communities, but it’s important to look at how these ideas on topics have come to existence. Why do we think this way, and do we actually dare to step outside the view of so many people?

It questions how subjective we really are, and how our minds think and work. We collect information every second even without noticing, constantly learning and using it to advantage us in the future. Communities can crumble if subjectivity takes over, and we all become completely unique to the other. Interest groups would deplete, and society would fall reign to havoc and division. Some people may crave to be different in the world, and to have their own ‘specific’ view on the largest issues. This may be fine for certain situations, but in essence, we have to become united to face problems that appear. Subjectivity has to be balanced with generally agreed ideas on issues. It should be used to improve our mindset and ideas, and not a tool to create chaos where peace should permit.

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