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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quick Experience...#2

Is it such a natural feeling for us to want to empower ourselves over another individual? I find it so bizarre that it is built within us to be better than the other. Sort of seems like we really are greedy overall.

This experience occurred on the World Wide Web, on the social website and file sharing phenomenon of Facebook. A website that has attracted millions of personal from around the world to communicate and meet new people from around the world, but of course everybody pretty much knows this by now. However, it has become a war zone of the mind. A place where people can take information shared from other people and use it against them to better themselves. Political debates exist there, but more prominently are the social arguments over topics that should probably be kept personal. What people forget is that the internet is an infinite realm of information where everything written, recorded and clicked on is recorded somewhere and can be used. Facebook and other similar sites make this easier to do, and that is for accessibility (to transport information around quickly).

The argument was about a particular person’s opinion on the issue of musical taste. The other rejected their musical taste, and the argument reigned on. It always disgusts me when people try to make their musical taste superior to the other, because music is one medium in the world where things are all equal. Music is music collectively, and every song and note ever written is equal to the other. It’s so subjective.

However, the over-arching issue that struck me was how people fight for democracy and freedom yet still try to better themselves over other people. That isn’t democracy or egalitarianism, it is a call of dictatorship to spill your ideas over everyone else’s. So to this I question what people really want in the world. Do you want an equal society, or one that is based on your ideas alone? That is communism, corruption and also facism.  

What do we want as a species? The equal society we all speak and pray to have? Or do we just want the world to revolve around us all?

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  1. Consider the traits and characteristics our 'ancestors' have needed to have for us to be here - maybe greed and selfishness are to some extent a selecting factor.

    I enjoy reading your blog, although at times it's a bit wordy and confusing, it makes me question the way I think which can only be a good thing.