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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Experience in Australia Pt.2

My Experience in Australia Pt.2
It all comes down to poor judgment and even the political side of dealing with it. The decision makers, the Upper-Class and the difference in power – it’s all so obvious in society but yet we struggle to see it. Blinded and blocked by media dominance and intensive lies and rebates over what is real or false, we depend on news channels and other outlets to know about the world. That’s worldwide, but for Perth (and maybe even Australia), the stories are cut even more.

An example can be the whole Anti-Whaling Campaign that Australia took up with a big smile and grin to reveal its apparent colours for environmental beautification and conservation. I don’t believe many people knew that Whaling in Australia only ended in the 1970s, and suddenly the country can become the biggest foe to it? It doesn’t make sense, and that’s another immediate impression I had of this country. It is driven by the media, driven by those who can make fake a hard cold reality. This leads back to how multiculturalism has been blocked out completely, and it is laughable at how the Australian Government chooses to describe it and write about it like some scripture.

The Policy is hilarious and in fact completely over-ridden by the usual Australian dominance, and words claiming the country is in fact multicultural. Principle 1 reads: “The Australian Government Celebrates and values the benefits of cultural diversity for all Australians, within the broader aims of national unity, community harmony and maintenance of our democratic (??) values.

See those bolded letters? That’s done on purpose so that you readers might be able to see it clearly. How can something by multicultural if only mentions a single nation of people, here by name: AUSTRALIANS. I have an Australian passport due to some ancestry I had no idea I had, but that does not make me Australian culturally but instead just another number in the system by law and policy. “National Unity”, but Australia is an isolated mass in the middle of the ocean in South-East Asia! “INTERNATIONAL unity” would be more fitted wouldn’t it? Unless the policy is stating that all non-Australians cannot immerse themselves in society and the democratic values.

Principle 2 continues this growing trend, reading: “The Australian Government is committed to a just, inclusive and socially cohesive society where everybody (??) can participate in the opportunities that Australia offers and where government services are responses to the needs of Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.”

Everybody can participate? Well how about the Boat People? Their being kicked off Australia before they even reach the shores and these peoples aren’t just nobody’s. They bring cultural backgrounds of worlds many Australians can’t even imagine or think about. In fact they are taken to Christmas Island, it really is just a massive prison, where they are SEGREGATED from Australian society and watched as if they are some terrorists. They fled from oppression, and they aren’t even taken into consideration before they are left on an island in the middle of the ocean awaiting the stroke of luck that the Government will come for them.

This is a huge issue, and I find the multiculturalism and its policies a clear joke in terms of opening the door for new cultures. People here don’t embrace new cultures and backgrounds, and it’s because the Government isn’t strict on it. I feel the pressure every time I enter the public realms and domains, it is real pressure. The pressure to become something in this country or else you are washed into the dominion of nothingness of Australia…

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