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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I don't know if all Universities are like this, or any sort of high Tertiary education of some sort. But from when I was growing up going to University was almost positioned as some sort of great height. A place where people with determination and the will to learn go and attend. It was a place where people go only if they want to further their understanding of the world and their selected career choice.

However, as soon as I started I realised that it was mainly all a lie. Like now anybody can get to University, they don't even need to finish past Year 10. They just need to go to TAFE and get a particular diploma or certificate, or even, just work their lives full time out and then do a Prep course to get in. It's just absolutely mental that people are allowed to come in even if they didn't bother to study the higher subjects in school. How on earth is this fair to the thousands of students who spent most their waking hours studying to get the grades to get into a palace apparently made only for those who get the grades, only to realised that everybody else got in without even touching a single textbook?

If you want to go to University, get studying in school and earn a grade instead of simply going through what I think is one of the biggest loopholes in the Education system here in Western Australia. It takes opportunities too far.

To me, an excuse is not: "Oh...i'm bad at school." That is just pathetic. Do you really think the other 100 or so people next to you are good at school either? Not everybody is a genius wonderkid, actually barely any are. If you aren't good at something, do you just give it up or try to get better at it? It's a lifestyle choice and its life-changing too. Either you yourself go and start studying back in school to actually earn a place at an organisation where money is placed in its thousands to be taught by some of the most reckonised individuals in the world, or just not even bother with it all. 

If you are bad at school, and don't want to be there, then why on Earth are you still there? There is no point going to get educated if you don't want to. You waste everybody elses time because you yourself are slack and have no interest whatsoever in learning things about the world in its basic sense.

Of course his theory has loopholes too. If someone leaves school as a result of committing a life to charity work in 3rd world countries, that is suffice. That is something to be proud of, that is something I praise heavily. To give up the chance to have education to help others reveals that the individual is one special person in this world. These sort of examples have nothing to do with this theory, these sort of people should be praised to the highest level to committment to this planet and its inhabitants.

Overall, people need to start working and caring. I will never understand why a child would still go to school if they don't want to. It's their life isn't it? Let them go realise 20 years later their crucial mistake when their on the dole, unemployed and being beaten to a pulp in an alleyway for stealing. School is such an opportunity, education is such an opportunity. If you don't take it seriously, then you are one extremely sad individual who has no care for the millions of people out there who would pray for a schooling system like Australia. FREE PUBLIC SCHOOLING. Why don't you take advantage of it?