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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To put it Into Context… Part 1


This is quick. Things are fast. We cannot keep up. So why do we try?


We spend days writing and wondering about how to keep up with moving trends, media news and even gossip. It amazes me how even something spoken to someone in a blink of a second can still be tracked and analysed, and even used to someone's downfall or their empowerment. Why, and how for that matter, do we keep up with things so quickly? Well for one, technology has helped us for years, but for even longer is the power of understanding and using. It isn't actually too hard to keep up with what happens in the world each day; in most cases a simple click of the mouse to the BBC solves everyone's lingering anxieties. But the main problem, and the main topic of this reaction, is the problem we have of learning the whole story.

The simplest response is: "I don't care." And let's be honest. The finer details of gossip, media articles and documents are usually swept aside because of the lack of interest. On the front page of any commercial fashion or celebrity magazine, do you really expect any sort of description of a story past the main Headlining Titles to drag attention? Even newspapers don't face you with a full story on their opening page. You have to turn to page 5 for the full story because too many words will ruin our care and interest. We want the fine details quickly, and this generation coming up steadily has lost a lot of shape in this way.

It's always frightening to me how finer details are normally incredibly important in the long run. Imagine signing a contract without looking at the finer points that could possibly harm you in the long run or even immediately. Oh wait…we already do that! When we download the new iTunes, do we read the Terms and Agreements before clicking the Agree box? It's a mistake I make constantly, and I believe a lot of people make the same mistake. Now, out of paranoia, I've read it and there's nothing malicious in there but imagine if there was. A small little detail can change a lot of things.


Why do we keep up with the news? We don't want to be left behind, but in actual fact…without the finer details of many articles, news stories and documents we are left behind nonetheless aren't we?


-Jerrod Lew 2011

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