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Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Authors, writers, journalists and other individuals in the writing capacity have all stated the current generation is more focussed on the image. They have to see it in their heads clearly to completely gain interest, and this has been compounded and supported through technological advances such as the television and the computer. iPods, iPads and iPhones all add to this, and see visual effects done on the big screen or even a miniature one. We are astounded by visual effects, and older generations quickly fall into the trap of amazement. Only now has a firework display looked disdain when in the past was an activity of awe and brilliance of the colours and energy.

Image has become the base of everything in the media, an image is used for evidence in law and is so powerful over the individuals mind. An image can change or inspire, and even destroy something easily. Propaganda, is a perfect example of what imagery can do. The fear or happiness it can inflict over its target. But I want to change the topic, or rather specify it further into the music industry.

The industry, arguably, has become joint with a media storm worldwide. Gossip, magazines, internets, blogs and newspapers all use images to convince people to think a certain way to place the victim into a certain frame of mind. Make it the majority thought, and control society in that way. Music is quite similar in the contemporary view. The music seems to have lost its colour, its interest as many fans look at their favourite artists or bands for inspiration, but inspiration in lifestyle rather than music. What the person, or role model, can give out to the world not musically but in terms of image. Are they helping, are they destroying, or are they just not caring? The music becomes forgotten, and unimportant.

Most bands now fear the musical industry, and choose to pursue their careers in music in the underground and so avoiding big record labels and other opportunities that they are clearly ready and talented enough for. The industry is less about the music, and more about what image you can give to the label and the world. Can you attract more money? Would Lady Gaga be as mainstream and popular if it wasn't for her private life, and fashion designs? Would the Pussycat Dolls be as large if it wasn't for their provocative looks in society and the media? Something tells me they wouldn't.

A lot of bands who have made it big usually find their way by attracting the youth a lot, and even the veterans in the music business. Lately the Arctic Monkeys have been the biggest influence on young youth culture, with their music being wildly addictive and including lyrics that are comical and touch on mainstream issues. However, as soon as their third album "Humbug" was released with a more experimental tone, the popularity weakened hugely. Same with Radiohead who boast a large fan base through their sudden change to an electronic sound mainly (Kid A in 2000). Popularity weakened.


So what is it with society? Are we really just looking for imagine over the real deal?

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