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Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

Have we forgotten how to react?

This is a day to remember those who have perished in the past in whatever profession and in whatever cause. It is a day to allow our prayers to enter their families lives, and to respect what the soldiers and other similarities have done to support what we have today. However, we seem to get twisted by the media in this respect.

For me, we have to remember who died for us. But we have to also remember about those who died for other people. People that may not be seen as friendly or as allies, but yet are still human. We seem to forget that we all the same, and we should all be treated equally as one collection not as a dispersal of groups amongst the world. Remembrance day is a day that the world should come together and pray for who died to protect their own personal beliefs and the society they have today.

It may be portrayed as the day we worship Superman, but it's also a day where we show respect to the enemies as well who have died at our hands. Yes, our beliefs differ to theirs, and yes they may have been cold murderers but they went down fighting for what they believed in. They went down fighting for what they thought is how the world should be, and it's the same for us. To me, it's important to recognise their sacrifice as well. Don't let the media smear you're minds into thinking the day is only for our troops who have perished. Its for all the troops who have died on this Earth fighting.


We should be grateful, and we should be respectful. The past creates what we have now, and also what will happen in the future. Could you imagine if there was no intervention for WW2 or the Cold War? What if we didn't fight back? The world would be a very different place from what we see now. To many it would be catastrophic, and heavily under dictator corruption. Our lives would be nothing as it is now. So please…show respect for what has happened.



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  1. I agree. I think it's appalling how few people actually think about this day.