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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Treading Water

Drowning is a slow and painful way to die. To many it’s a fear they are willing to live with upon their entrance to a watery grave, a terrain that is not ours. We consistently enter the realms of other creatures, and ponder their lands as if our own. But in reality we belong on the land, the surface. The unease of entering a new terrain or place is similar to entering a foreign land. We are disorientated, confused and very much alone. We feel naked and vulnerable, as if the food chain has shifted and you are the one standing at the bottom awaiting the predators of the area to rip you apart.
Just because we have the intellect, curiosity and power to take over animal kingdoms and prey on them as our own doesn’t mean we can blame them for deaths. Shark attacks are growing more and more popular each year, worldwide.  I have heard people blaming sharks for their will to attack and prey on matter that angers them, or upsets their lifestyle. It is about time we look at ourselves and how we do. Would we be comfortable if an extra-terrestrial being invaded our planet to kill and prey on us? I don’t think we would. We see ourselves as the top of the food chain in the world, and we use the power to corrupt ourselves into thinking we can go anywhere we please.
Yes it is ok to explore and learn about new terrains, but it is important to be respectful to the creatures that live there. If you enter the ocean, then you accept the consequences of the shark attack or any other watery threat that exists. You are entering, without an invite, into the lands of a whole new empire and food chain. You are the bottom, and you are the easiest to kill.
Remember that, and start being more aware of what you look like to other inhabitants of the Earth. We are a species like everything else, lets learn about other species without disrupting their habitats and blaming injuries and deaths on these creatures.

That feeling of treading water…it just makes me want to step away.

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