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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Past

What happened before...creates what happens now. 
(Image from Jasonepowell on Flickr)

Forgetting what has happened before our even existence is known as ignorance. The emotion that gathers to ignore everything that occurred to create the present has chaotic consequences.

I find that in the mainstream society, the past is often taken as something to forget. To “move on…”. I highly criticise this attitude, and feel its wrong to forget what has been done. If an individual has something they regret and wish to bury it away, it doesn’t mean its gone. It will return as so many things do. It will repeat, relapse in you’re mind at any given time in the future. This is immediate indication that the past should not be left for the dead.

If there’s an immortal force on this earth it has to be the past, and what was left behind as we move forward every second of our lives. The past cannot be changed, defeated or even lost. It’s remains are stricken everywhere for us to remember, and for us to learn from. Its natural, and yet people try so hard to forget it.

We have to learn from what has occurred in the past to give us solutions or clues as to what happens in the present and the future. I always enjoy watching television, listening to music and play games that create a reality of the past that becomes important at the present. It plays with people’s minds that the problem at cause can actually be solved with prior knowledge we don’t seem to want to know.

When this idea is placed into the minds of society at the present, I think the world will move forward in a more confident stature that we are all learning and not ignoring.

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