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Monday, December 5, 2011

Crackdown shows progress

Public transport crime on the rise?
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The recent crackdown of the alleged 40 street kids roaming the Perth streets at night comes as something of success.

I live up in the northern parts of Perth nearby Currambine and Joondalup, and I think many believe the night is a treacherous place especially around train stations and other public venues. The article explains the irresponsibility of parents of the modern day in letting young teenagers and children wander freely the streets. A sign of lacking discipline, and maybe also an indication of change.

The younger generations are more curious than ever, and my experiences in talking to them through charity events, music events and even back in High School answered a lot of questions. They see a lot on the media, television, radio and newspapers that explain a lifestyle that is so different to theirs. Different in positive ways with money, riches, apparent total freedom and other similar aspects. Young children are easy to penetrate in terms of engaging their minds. If something interests them it will sink deeply very quickly because of immaturity and also curiosity.

Musician Noel Gallagher recently explained that the media “shows kids a lifestyle they will most likely never have,” as a result of the London Riots. I believe this viewpoint grasped large points at how mediums of television and affect a child. In Perth, and I’m sure many other places internationally, this problem is continuing to happen. Here in Perth, teenagers seek the power to do whatever they want even if the law and age of consent is against them. I speak of Perth because it is where I am most acquainted with this phenomena.

After listening to conversations on various social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is easy to understand that teenagers want a lifestyle that is of pure pleasure that is seen on their favourite television shows. I believe it’s down to good parenting to install the knowledge of achieving such a lifestyle, and that of hard work and qualifications. This seems to lack in the modern day, and so children roam freely in search for this future wish. In return bad influences creep in with drug, smoking and alcohol abuse.

I hope personally the crackdown of Perth continues, and the message gets across of the dangers of lacking discipline in a child and teenager. I also hope around the world follows the same path or already is.

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