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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Music

Live at the Indi Bar, Perth. June 2011

I have been writing music for 5 years to this day now. I will never forget the first song I had ever written, and it was done before I even knew what a guitar was. Was a very short piece of poetry that was inspired by the arrival of my teenage years, and the change of perspective on the world. That sort of set the beginnings to what my songs are all about now, and why I write.

Writing with purpose is always the top priority for me. I don’t write if I have nothing to say, because there isn’t a point or a purpose. If I have nothing to express, then I don’t see a reason for why a song has to be written. I know this differs for each musician or songwriter, as I know a lot who write upon impulse about anything they see. That is something I tried to do and got a bit lost as a result.

As of today (27/11/11) I have written over 80 songs and recorded just under half of those at my homemade studio. Studio is just a fancy word for a small room with an electric drum kit, a keyboard, piano, two guitars and an 8 track mixer crammed into it. I haven’t bought any new equipment since I began writing music properly and learning instruments. I always feel incredibly grateful for having such equipment, and the ability to make my ideas a reality. To me it’s a gift that was given out of nowhere, and something I hope everybody in the world is able to do some day.

I write songs about the world, society and depressions that occur. Whatever affects this world in a way that I see as chaotic and crucial I intend to write about because it affects me directly. I have no interest in writing about something positive in my life because it only occurs after a long period of depression in hard work. Why right about the success when the hard work was the backbone to it all, it’s something people always forget.

This post is a bit out of nowhere, but there isn’t much known of me on this blog and I don’t want to become an invisible writer to people who read this. My music can be located at:

Thank you.

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