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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Quick Experience...#3

People have already seemed to have forgotten what has happened, and it’s rather scary. Recently I’ve put up a blog post about New Year’s Day and that whole festive period of celebration and entertainment. That post consisted of a bunch of stories about deaths or violence that occurred on the day due to a reaction to the festive period, drinking or just pure spite of wanting to hurt someone.

But already people seem to have completely ignored such large stories. I really wonder if at the end of 2012 will the same events happen, but of course they will. People will think they have become invincible and what happened to someone else won’t happen to them. It’s almost like basic human nature for us to think that we are better or more efficient than others. When in actual fact we are human, ‘just human’ as everyone else who has perished.

I have been trying to research for what sort of phenomena this is, just that feeling that things that happened to others will just ignore us completely. But I’ve come up with blanks every time, and I need to be able to explore the problem a bit further and hopefully answers will come. I just don’t understand why we avoid warnings for things like speeding, drinking and even the use of illegal firecrackers.

Why do people feel so sorry for those who perish in accidents that they should be completely aware of? For example, if you smoke even with the consistent barrage of advertisements and governmental media about its dangers then should that person really be complaining for whatever disease comes and attacks or illness? Same as should we really feel sorry for those injured in events they should never had gotten into? It’s a mind boggling question with debates on both sides.

How should we react? With sympathy or realism? It’s subjective in nature, isn’t it?

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