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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions? Nonsense!

We can change any time we want...right?
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This is just to cover the aspect of making New Year’s Resolutions each year and to also just have a personal idea of why we even do it. New Year’s is known to be the event that triggers a change in someone’s life, almost like an excuse to have to change. But the question I wish to pose…is why do we need an excuse or a world event to make us change?

New Year’s Day is not like a once in a lifetime charity event, by the time we begin to think about resolutions we have already had probably several of these days saved up over the years. It’s not like suddenly the day appears out of nowhere, it has been around for a long period of time, but for some reason the mainstream world decides that we should all (and only then) reflect on our lives. But why do we wait so long for an excuse to change out lifestyles, and is it even realistic to simply ‘forget’ the bad things you’ve done in the past? Those things you wish to forgo and simply push away, but yet still exist no matter what you do.

I believe the answer comes in the area of the mental mind. We feel propelled to change only when we are comfortable because everyone else is thinking about it at the same time. Almost like we aren’t afraid to change our haunting lifestyles because others are doing the same thing, it’s the sheep follow sheep method that strikes again. It always pains me to see people being afraid of changing even though their lives are realistically and evidently going down a dark path. They are simply afraid to go against the dominant thought process that everyone else understands and breathes by. It’s almost like some terrible creed, a creed that says not to follow your own mind to change because nobody else is doing it.

Remind you of anything? Some sort of modern communist empire we fail to see maybe (I need to do more research…)? I believe it is why we choose this part of the year to change in comparison to a time in June, and I find it rather strange and bizarre. There’s no reason to make resolutions at all because most of the time they are known to fail unless they are life changing. So in fact, any sort of behaviour change we want to make might have an inevitable end of not actually being changed in the long run but the short.

From what I understand, Resolutions are made as an excuse to make us think we are improving as people but in fact it’s all in the mind as we can change any other day of the year. Terrible…but again subjective. Right?

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