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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gaga's Anti-Bullying Anthem

Its a serious issue.
(Image from S.A.F.E)

The opinions of Lady Gaga, her music, persona, controversial clothing or whatever else people think of can be deluded by anti-individualists. On the 6th of December, 2011, Lady Gaga visited the White House to discuss her new cause of bullying prevention. A crime that occurs consistently around the world on a variety of different level of mental and physical unrest. Bullying is nowhere a new thing in society, but something that is repeatedly growing and sometimes out of control.

Lady Gaga joins a host of sporting heroes and celebrities against the war of bullying in schools at a young and teenage age. CNN reported Anderson Cooper described cyber bullying as something that is unavoidable because it can occur even in the safety of one’s room. Cooper explains the use of words because “these words do have power and are used like weapons.” The safety of your own space and room can now be breached as never before even by our curiosity at looking a website, comments and other forms of communication with the outside world can be offensive and sometimes degrading.

Probably the most prominent figure in the war against Bullying comes from the President himself. President Obama has sent a personal message to all victims saying “you did not do anything to deserve being bullied.” The President understands the seriousness of the issue, he sent a personal message out. You would think all those who are the giver of physical abuse in schools would suddenly realise the error of their own ways. Musicians Madonna, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and even Justin Bieber have all given out a clear message about bullying. Their message is to start accepting yourself for who you are as a person, and to tell somebody of higher power the result of the abuse you receive.

These are commercially important people that dominate the entertainment scene around the world. Figures that people look up to in the modern day, and yet still the issue of bullying occurs around the world. An article from explained that an estimated 200 million children are being bullied by peers, and as a result they are 3 times more likely to show depressive symptoms and ideas about personal suicide. This is a serious issue, and the statistics come from a variety of tests done in schools worldwide. In addition to these statistics, it is seen as a still rising issue in how more children each year seek help services as a result of bullying.

Domestically, 1 of every 4 children is affected by bullying and is a rising problem domestically still. is a good place to start if anybody is interested about this issue, or knows anybody that needs help. Its about getting to the heart of the matter and weeding out how to stop it from ever happening again. 

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