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Friday, June 29, 2012

Linkin Park - Living Things Review

Linkin Park - LIVING THINGS 2012

Bands change over a period of time, leading from a usual raw and explosive début to a more relaxed and recognizable long-term sound. However, for Linkin Park, it is argued that this usual cycle of Award-winning Bands and Musical Groups is severely ruined and re-written.

Living Things is the fifth Linkin Park album since their début of Hybrid Theory in 2000, bringing back the power of loud guitars, strong melodies and telling lyrics. A very personal album reveals itself through similar territory whilst also grabbing the attention that A Thousand Suns managed to give out upon release.

"Lost In The Echo" harks back instantly to the sounds of Meteora with the traditional rap-verse, anthemic-chorus and screaming bridge drawing long-term fans close. Following with a more expected "In My Remains" the familiarity with Minutes to Midnight is truly eclipsed and Chester's dominating vocals sounding refreshed and revitalised. The album is very loud and grabs you in a different way that explains Linkin Park is nearby, but in a new place.

"Burn It Down" was released before the official album as the first single, and brought a direct rock song with a strong melody and electronic sounds squeezed in with the warmth of Brad Delson's consuming distortion. "Lies Greed Misery" gives the fans what they want with an almost gangster-beat with Mike's rapping combining explosively with Chester's screaming and yet accurate vocals. "I'll Be Gone" will be an instant fan favourite with memories of "What I've Done" in mind and even "New Divide", an extremely catchy melody with powerful guitars and an adept string section.

"Castle of Glass" turns the album on its head, and puts Living Things into another dimension altogether with an almost unnoticeable rhythm until the vocals appear amidst the punching piano sounds and increasing tempo and coherency. "Victimize" is aggressive, and goes beyond anything experienced even in Meteora and Hybrid Theory. Also harking back the familiar melody of "When They Come For Me", Chester's screams of "VICTIMIZE" sends everything into chaos and also unearths something completely new.

"Roads Untravelled" is possibly the most personal song on the album and couples with "Skin and Bones" very well with another drifting piano song with Mike and Chester combining vocal channels with excellence. "Iridescence" is a clear inspiration, but the band has grown further now, and has brought something new once again with a Linkin Park sound.

"Until It Breaks" can be arguably seen as the weakest song on the album with Mike's rapping over heavy beats, but then equalling out completely into an almost dreamy finish as the strings kick in. "Tinfoil" is another traditional, and very popular instrumental placed on the album with Joseph Hahn providing another excellent filler for the final song "Powerless".

The new Linkin Park album Living Things will receive mixed reviews because of the bands stand-out upbringings of the powerful guitars, telling vocals and aggressive leads. However, taking a step back, even slightly, will show fans that their band is still growing and learning. Exploring dark areas that we never thought would be reached, we hear a variety of different genres of music that blend together to create something different to their past four albums.

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