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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Quick Experience...#4

How do you react when something amazing happens? But not just anything out of the ordinary, I mean like truly something beyond the weight of the world. Everything changes, and something pushes you further into unexplored territory.

Curiously, my life has been changed around in a blink of an eye. You meet people, you can read things or even listen to a single note of a song and things can change for you. I have always wondered why this is the case, and how on earth our mind and be watered down so easily to become so receptive and obvious to these things.

It can be looking at star signs, superstitious rights and ideas but at the end you change almost automatically. This experience has brought up research and a variety of opinions into it, but at the base of it all - our minds are always learning and always receiving.

I believe the reason why our own unique world, individually, changes so frequently (for better or worse) is because of how we become weak to hearing things. From the happiest memory to a traumatic incident where you are buckled over in pain and confusion, it has happened to the best of us at the worst of times.

This happened to me, but you learn from such events. I just hope soon solutions come for those who fall in battle to find the reason why...

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