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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Top Songs of 2011

50. Rearrange (Miles Kane)
49. Uberlin (R.E.M)
48. She's Thunderstorms (Arctic Monkeys)
47. Major Minus (Coldplay)
46. Switchblade Smiles (Kasabian)
45. Kingcrawler (Miles Kane)
44. White Limo (Foo Fighters)
43. Dear Rosemary (Foo Fighters)
42. Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks (Noel Gallagher)
41. Police Station (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
40. Standing On The Edge of the Noise (Beady Eye)
39. I Hear Voices (Kasabian)
38. The Good Rebel (Noel Gallagher)
37. Back and Forth (Foo Fighters)
36. Look Around (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
35. AKA...What A Life (Noel Gallagher)
34. I Should Have Known (Foo Fighters)
33. Lotus Flower (Radiohead)
32. Library Pictures (Arctic Monkeys)
31. Inhaler (Miles Kane)
30. The Beat Goes On (Beady Eye)
29. The Daily Mail (Radiohead)
28. Dear Rosemary (Foo Fighters)
27. Acid Turkish Bath [Shelter From The Storm] (Kasabian)
26. Hurts Like Heaven (Coldplay)
25. Lotus Flower (Radiohead)
24. Piledriver Waltz (Arctic Monkeys)
23. Let England Shake (PJ Harvey)
22. If I Had a Gun... (Noel Gallagher)
21. All The Best (R.E.M)
20. Walk (Foo Fighters)
19. Arlandria (Foo Fighters)
18. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala (Arctic Monkeys)
17. The Death of You and Me (Noel Gallagher)
16. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Red Hot CHili Peppers)
15. Codex (Radiohead)
14. Days Are Forgotten (Kasabian)
13. Four Letter Word (Beady Eye)
12. Stop The Clocks (Noel Gallagher)
11. Paradise (Coldplay)
10. Goodbye Kiss (Kasabian)
9. Little By Little (Radiohead)
8. AKA...Broken Arrow (Noel Gallagher)
7. The Words That Maketh Murder (PJ Harvey)
6. Bridge Burning (Foo Fighters)
5. Monarchy of Roses (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
4. Everybody's On The Run (Noel Gallagher)
3. Man Of Simple Pleasures (Kasabian)
2. Bloom (Radiohead)
1. A Simple Game Of Genius (Noel Gallagher)

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