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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Killer Instinct

Stop. Make It Stop. Stop. Stop.

The realism is that the pain doesn’t stop for just you. If you are affected, there is a large chance that many other people worldwide are as well. People seem to forget that there are billions of people in this world, and that what may be happening in their lives is completely unique to their own. Of course this may be the case, maybe you are the unique individual in the world. But the killer instinct comes in knowing where to stop yourself from believing things that are a manipulation of your emotions.
From my experience, the human mind is naturally creative. We have the ability to see something we want, and visualise us doing thousands of different things with it that may benefit us or demoralise us completely. I think this ability is important to understand, because it’s what (in many cases) sets us apart from other species in the world. Our intelligence is beyond anything we have ever come across, and it is dangerous and that has been proven. We are always trying to think of newer ways to make our lives better, to fulfil ourselves and that is a basic principle of an organism. How am I going to get from here to there? It’s a basic idea and perspective.
We need, altogether, to start thinking of how to stop ourselves from making things out as something fake and unreal. If one was to study for an exam, and they believe they have done 5 hours of study when in fact they only did 3 hours with a lot of breaks and relaxing time, then they are lying to themselves. It’s almost as ridiculous as lying about what time it is. We need to develop the instinct to stop ourselves from making situations better than what they actually are. We spend our lives lying to ourselves that things are improving and we are all happier, and the past is forgotten. But in reality, the past is never forgotten. What has happened in past will remain there, and it won’t just disappear. It frightens me when people try to forget the past instead of learn from it. How can anyone move forward in life they are not willing to learn about past events in their lives and throughout the world? We function because of what has happened in the past!
Overall, we need to learn control. We may be unique at the core, but on the outside we exhibit emotions that are similar to many around the world. With this power and intellect, we are blessed with the ability to change how reality has affected us. This habit causes ignorance: the will to forget or purposefully pay no attention to the actual facts.
When will the pain stop? When we develop that Killer Instinct.

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