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Monday, June 20, 2011

Invisible Hand

A dark emptiness beckons over the wake of reality, beckons over the people within and controls our very essence of life…our very essence of everything we have ever had. That small hand that touches us, prods us in certain directions, causes happiness, despair, curiosity…destruction. We are not the original humans, or living organisms to inhabit and breed upon this Earth or even in this Universe. We are not the beginning of everything; that is long gone. We are the result of what has been, and what there is still to come. A world riddled with so much ideology and so much pain for many, is it the beginning or the beginning of the end?

The modern reality of the human being can be very deceiving and harsh. The mind, warped and tainted, from birth taking in everything around us because it's all we know. We are deceiving to many older generations in terms of what we are and what we bring to society. The new generations can be generalised harshly, played into stereotypes as easily as a flick of a light switch on a cold blackened evening. The media controls us, moving our minds into believing in whatever they want. The majority overrule a lot, the majority may seem demanding…the majority tend to always win. In a war between an army of commoners and an army of trained and seasoned soldiers, there is really only one winner at the end. It is the same relation to how our society seems to function collectively.

Our minds are controlled to think in a particular way, propaganda strikes from birth through language, tone, use of words in the world. It only gets easier as time goes on and technology beckons further and further forward into the jaws of infinity. What are we really? Believers of the majority and spellbindingly large media-storm, or wiser and more ideological than what the past has brought up.

A former Israeli politician under the name of Abba Eban once said: "History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives."

Propaganda can be a powerful tool...

In the past, wars through weaponry, propaganda, economics and politics leave straying but yet existing marks on the sodden core of the Earth. History will always exist. It is the past, and the past creates the future. Eban had good sense in his ideas, but was he entirely correct? Are we wiser once all alternatives are done, the easier alternatives of a fight or a discussion? When do we start to co-operate and become equal? Has it ever existed? Questions appear at the plentiful…so many are never to be answered.

It is true though. In the mid-1980s the partnership of United States President Ronald Reagon and then USSR Leader Mikhail Gorbachev arguably existed because the USSR failed to keep up with the intense US spending on nuclear weapons. The war of weaponry was growing to a close as living standards in the USSR decreased so rapidly due to the lack of funds in that area, that money was evaporating quickly. Only then, when the time was at most dire did the two World Superpowers actually conform and co-operate. Is that what really happens to us as people. We only work together when there's nothing left, nothing to fight for and nothing to exist for?

But yet we still search to fight rather than stay as one! Gorbachev towards the end of the 1980s sensed the end of the Soviet Union in Russia and attacked European settlements again as a last ditch effort to savour the USSR and its stance in the world. Upon the new republic emerging in 1990 and the finalisation of the Cold War finishing at the same time, would peace continue? NO

What we get in society is more to fight for, more to want us to fight for. It's not even for individuality or freedom anymore, it's for topics and aspects so useless in the long run that I don't understand why it is pursued. The media places more and more objects, recreation, entertainment and faked ideology in how heads to obsess us. Make us forget what we have, and teach us what we 'could have.' They are the invisible hand calling the shots, telling us what supposedly happening…is tricking us to believe in personal statements that lead to unnecessary divides in the world of culture, race, freedom and emotion. Our flaws in society can be linked to the media's wrath and the media's will to confuse and taint the minds of the citizens in society. They have so much power, so much area to do what they want. They can create a split in society in a matter of seconds, keeping co-operation to a minimum. Why co-operate when there can be divide, they say, because what's interesting about co-operation when there's so much more interest in why a divide exists.

Will there be an end, will there be a new start, will there be another new 'beginning?' From my personal view, the answer is derogatory and irrelevant for now. We are all controlled by the all divining powers of the Invisible Hand, but hopefully it's only time until we as a culture, we as a society, we as human beings start to drop the weapons and accept that we are equal. We are one, we are united. But until that day has come…we still live in the heap of desperation, the heap of bodies crawling into oblivion. Are you one of them? Or are you one to fight it and bring peace to an already stagnated planet?

The opportunity is there. You just have to take a risk and find out.

© Lerock0 2011

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