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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Return/A Revival/A Reaction?

It takes a lot to return to what once existed, return to a place that has caused such emotion and panic. A place that once meant so much, but is now regular and unamusing to the brain. It takes a strong person to return to that state, a state of mine or a state of great desire and curiosity. What is this place? Why do we feel such anxiety upon arrival? It's all in the mind…right?

I have started up this blog once again after a disastrous attempt early in 2010 to encapsulate music, poetry and personal opinions into the same area. But yet there's a feeling of redemption and emptiness, something inside telling me that if it failed before…it will fail again. The question really is; what makes us go back, what makes us want to fight the mind again?

Fear? Another chance? A new beginning?

The return is built on a reaction. A reaction to what I see, feel, hear and encapsulate within. Everything I smell and grasp amazes my mind; forcing me to want to understand, want to believe and want to learn from.

Learning? Why learn from the learnt?

To improve. To try again. To have yet another chance to set things straight. Learning from the learnt teaches wiser but yet inaccurate information and understandings. New beginnings to reach out and make our own. A new start to portray and recreate, to take what we have learnt from experience and transform it with the talents and traits we have into something more meaningful and fulfilling. Something that will benefit not destroy, lighten and not darken…attract and not detract.

It's all a reaction? You better believe it…

©Jerrod Lew 2011

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