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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Corruption


The interest is wading in the water. Wading in the deepness of the carrying ocean into the layers of sediment on the earth. It spreads, it worsens, it acts and the result is a decline. How long must be look at it and decide we are not capable of changing it. Pushing the negatives away and turning them new, better and improved. Individuals have all changed the world in their own way, why can't more individuals be more influenced and begin to care? It's a frightening question, but there are again multiple sides to all.

Liberalism is a good way to start on the discussion. The thought process of wanting to change and improve due to an open mind to disregard past traditions and set processes that have applied one way or another. Liberalists are free-thinkers, those who want to create a change and who have the open mind to take new ideas and want to implement them into a government or place of time. The lack of encouragement of free-thinking really affects an individual's mind, and corrupts their inner-cores. The corruption comes from media sources, large 'role-models' and even a collective thought that a group of people may think is right or wrong. A stereotype can affect this, and even terrible features such as racism and discrimination play a large part. The amount of advantage taken over accepting an apparently 'known' fact is much too great, and is over-powering because the majority also follow the trait. I am convinced that if a large group of people in the thousands of millions started to accept that slavery was acceptable in all societies then about 60-70% of the world will follow the same train of thought simply because a large majority follow it. It's a scary factor in the world that this is possible as majority seems to win in almost every area.

Its easy to follow the crowd. Lets face it, its simplistic, less stressful and allows you to think more selfishly due to more overall satisfaction given to yourself. To follow the crowd brings no consequence, you are supported because you are with the group. You start to respect only one thought or idea and completely neglect other areas that people may follow and believe. The fact that people call religions 'cults' is a clear example that people dislike those who think differently because it forces them to consider leaving the crowd and well losing that satisfaction they crave so much. It's a selfish way of thinking that people gather and keep these days, and they fend of all other ideologies because they don't want to be supposedly 'tainted'. They aren't free thinkers of sorts, they lack the open mind to new ideas…or I guess lacking the liberalism or risk to go and try new ideas.


It's a corruption. More on this later.

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