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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What We Might Become....

Addictions are increasing. But it’s not drugs, it’s not sex and it’s not work. It’s something that has become so normal we don’t even realise it anymore.

We have been brainwashed, but this shouldn’t be taken a negative way. Brainwashing can, like everything else, have a positive effect. In general mainstream society, being brainwashed instantly gives the impression that we have lost our minds to some higher power or force. Brainwashing, to my opinion, could have a positive effect on us depending on the information we are being forced to take in. The brainwashing, predictably, has come from the media; computers, internet, televisions and even the radio. We hear new stories about the world consistently everyday, and without us knowing, they slowly corrupt and take over our way of thinking.

What we might become in the future is a humanoid which isn’t just more advanced technologically and socially, but one that is more aware of how different cultures in the world work and understand each other. We may be brainwashed to think certain things about individual cultures or people, but hopefully it can be directed in a way that makes us curious rather than judgemental. Where we have the will to travel overseas to learn and not take over with our culture. We should be travelling to learn and adapt, and to improve ourselves and experiences around the world.

The main fear, however, comes from real corruption at the hands of a corrupt doctoral force. It doesn’t have to be human, but it normally has to start from someone’s idea. If someone wants us to think something, and he or she has a powerful influence through supporters or a popular internet site, then they can make it happen. It’s easy to influence many if the fanbase is there to support you. The internet may make things easier to learn and to pass information, but it also makes it easier to influence you as a person as well. I fear that people may forget about the good side of the internet, and the power of information that it possesses, and the readiness for it to spread to thousands of people within seconds. Its an unbelievable tool when placed in the right hands, and for the right reasons.

We have to be careful. Or the influence might take over, and we might become something that is negative. But the positive musn’t be forgotten for sure!

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