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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations: Review #1

It has been 4 years since Assassins Creed was released by Ubisoft to the world. A game that was extremely different compared to the mainstream games since the new millennium. First person action based shooters were dismantled in the face of fantasy and historical gameplay. Even though first-person shooters will always remain popular beyond belief (Modern Warfare 3 selling thousands by the minute), what the Assassins Creed franchise has given us is a new perspective of the past and how future. The story based around the year 2012 and the apparent destruction that awaits for us. Ubisoft tells the world it’s story that takes us back centuries into the past to relive historical events that may not have been possible 10 years ago. The intensive research done into each character; their history, past, future and characteristics are accurate and made for knowledge. The game is created to teach as well as entertainment, and through the franchise I have learn a lot about our past in different eras of time.

Revelations follows the trend of Desmond Miles, as the previous games did, and as the title says: answers all the questions that we needed. The game is about Revelations, and the quest set out from the outset for Ezio is one that made to reveal secrets crucial to understanding the complexity of the storyline at hand. From my perspective, it is important to note that this game would be hard to understand without the playing of the previous three. The storyline has built up so much now, with answers and questions appearing constantly that very soon the game will belong to just the fans alone of the series. For those who have followed the series since Altair’s legendary appearance in 2007, this is the game that is a must-buy.

Revelation’s is based around a set of movies and this is part four, and the most important game in the series to date. Everything that we thought we knew had been changed in a twist that is so cunning and unexpected that Assassins Creed 3 next year will have to be bought to complete the series. I find it difficult to rate a game of this stature in just numbers or figures with categories of graphics or gameplay, because of the storyline built up. I play it for entertainment, and the feeling of embarking and continuing a story that is addictive but also exciting. It is built for those who enjoy the plot more than just out and out fighting with insane acrobatics and gore, and that is where Revelations makes it’s stand compared to its predecessors.

We are brought into a new mode of playing, a more wiser gameplay that is less reckless in missions and more about thought and planning. This matches of course an aging protagonist whose body and mind have begun to merge away from each other, and we are forced to think the same way. The days are gone where you take on an army of 50 by yourself and succeed, and the new era has begun (and probably ended) with a tactical approach which is clever and purposeful. You don’t fight alone anymore, and you plan attacks based as a leader of an army. You feel in control rather than a walking target, and this has been building up since the sequel came out.

Assassins Creed Revelations is impressive beyond comprehension with the historical and plot content that must have taken months to research and create. Cinematic events place you into a new world where a war is raging and you are in the midst of it. This game sets up the next chapter of the series due before December of 2012, and with how Ubisoft have portrayed this franchise so far, they show no signs of backing off.

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