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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Those Cobbled Streets...

“Rome is the city of love”

I’ll never forget hearing that sentence repeatedly upon my journey to Rome over 5 years ago with my family. A simple family holiday to a place with, history that is so complex and full of adventure and questions, seems so strange. I was much younger when I visited Rome, but the image of entering a place full of amphitheatres and the Colosseum preserved and unmoved is very hard to forget. The one image I never seem to forget is the cobbled streets that lay throughout the city. The sign and tradition of importance is what it told me; a place full of history even in its streets that were built upon centuries ago. These images appear in my dreams at times, just randomly reminding me of how lucky I am to have had the ability to enter a place of so much wonder.

I hope to re-visit Rome in the future, and travel further around Italy as a result. There are many things I want to re-discover in my memory, and one of these places being The Vatican City. We did enter its hallowed areas upon visit, but the memory is so vague. I don’t want to simply reaccount something from simple research from the internet. I want to give my memory out of how I remember it unfold, and the emotions that struck me. Let me think…yes…it was sacred, very sacred indeed. A place that had me shaking a bit inside of disbelief that we had entered it. The centre of the religion I had grew up learning and understanding, and it all centred here. Only years later did I understand the relevance of this place, and its importance in a Christians follower’s mind. It was the centre point of all pilgrimages, and the place to visit upon travel.

It must be so interesting growing up in Rome. How do you live around so much history that is just outside of your window each morning, and on your way to school. Its just how obvious it is that shocks me, as to where I live now in Perth. It is less obvious, and you have to dig deep to uncover the history of how Perth and Western Australia began. It’s the historical nature from every angle that takes you aback, but something that remains in your mind forever. I wish I could give a more accurate representation of this place, and maybe when I next travel there I will write again about it’s beautiful cobbled streets and history. 

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