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Thursday, November 17, 2011


Reflecting the world for the whole of my life, and this is my only life. The only one I have ever known. I sit, like many of my companions, high in the skies or lower to the earth beneath. All we do is gaze at two separate worlds split away. A world outside, and the personal world underneath the safety of the ceiling. It’s strange at how things differ. As soon as they walk outside, they change dramatically as if they are searching for a place of happiness away from their own safe house. They change to suit everything I see all the time. I see it change repeatedly, its all I do. Just look out on everything I see.

What if someone with a mind and some reality in a physical sense could see the outside and inside worlds all day for the rest of their lives? What would they think? Does that strike fear into us at all, how we can be watched by something that seems so inadequate? Who knows?

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