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Thursday, November 17, 2011

That Familiar Feeling

Don’t you love the feeling of returning to a place so comfortable and fulfilling? A place that makes you want the day to end. A place where you feel one with yourself and the environment. A place that feels like home.

The connection in Australia between a person, a home and the environment is something that is so unique. Unique in how it is all drawn together without force, and with no purpose. It is this special relationship that sets us out compared to the rest of the world, and has become our culture. Something that is ours. Something that nobody can ever take.

We see and witness this relationship every day, even if it’s not noticeable, and we indulge in it constantly. Our education is based outdoors, and our infrastructure and buildings are shaped to develop our understanding of the natural world around us. Open and large windows that reflect the environment and its beautiful terrain; tell us stories of past adventures and knowledge that we pick up unknowingly. We are not an ignorant group of people, but instead we are a group that embraces what we see around us. We develop projects and other landmarks to honour many events that have taken place upon this land, and events that edge stories into the ground so future generations can be told of what has happened here. Something special, and also something more to learn.

We have to remember that feeling of returning to a homeland. And it seems like to Australia, their home land is the natural environment itself.

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