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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tears of Forgiveness?

Rainclouds forming in my head,
I've let them down once again,
Pleading for Sunshine,
When evades me life to the death.

Light in the bright sky,
Fades in the night,
Glancing at myself again,
Is it them or is it I?

So I beg for Forgiveness
Seems so long to get,
This songs about Rainclouds,
Which just never seem to set.

As I reach the grave,
Wonder why all the strife,
But I realise that the knife,
Has just scarred me for life.

When do we forgive? Or should we ever forgive? 2012 is now upon us, but really has anything changed? Should the past be forgotten so simply and easily? Well guess what...realistically nothing has changed and what you did in 2011 is still there. It still exists. So before you go off thinking your off the hook for everything you've ever done in life, think again.

Think again. More on this later.

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