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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What’s in the Mind?

Catcher in The Rye, randomness and influence…is that all I can really talk about on here? I do expect to touch a tad more on other topics, unless my opinions become so indeedly inexcusable and insanely dull then maybe the direction will change slightly?

Here's another poem, nothing ground-breaking but something nonetheless. These are created for your opinions, not my facts, but for you to peruse and make your own of, the meaning is whatever you take from it objectively or subjectively, lost or found and even like a game of hide and seek…you never know what exactly is going to be there unless you look..

Stop Breathing, Start Believing, Drop Dead (Sky Is Caving into The Soul)

Unmistakable lost of the senses of our own,

Conundrum of A forgettable cause,

No reason to understand or even forgive,

You've been hurt, you don't deserve our skin.

Priceless time but so little past,

There's no history so why create it fake?

Underlying evidence of a reason so buried,

Making the truth come out is nothing to you.

Leave it alone and let it be,

You shall suffer how it should be,

Death will not appear to the likes of you,

Creation has come to a halt because of you.

I don't want to take you on,

You won't learn and you won't take,

Just suffer away in the pain of the skies,

Red skies and dark blindness.

Your Loss. Not Mine.

© Lerock0 2011

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