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Friday, July 1, 2011

Drowning One’s Own Beliefs

One person cannot change anything fully. But anyone, being an individual or a group, can react and begin something that is so much bigger. Any idea, political party, protest or even social group all began with an idea between either one person or a small group. The idea would be spread to others with responses of hope that people would respond positively and join the particular cause. Join because they believe and find it worthwhile. The group would grow and prosper if all went to plan, even with cracks appearing in the surface and all the fact of perpetual succession would take place and others would control and continue the cause. The succession only appears after a long duration of existence. However, my main message here would be – why do so many people doubt a person?. Is it really so irregular to want to make a difference, why does society lower that below its mainstream quantities? Is it the fear that things will change? The fear that threatens to ruin one's life, change societies values so it doesn't suit his or herself?

Are we really that selfish?

It's a noteworthy point to make that we as general beings are selfish at our base level. Take away law, society values, disciplines and expectations and we end up like any other animal – we are equal. The only difference is we have the ability to learn and grow further, quicker and more efficiently than other species. But allow the highlight of the book Lord of the Flies – taking place on a deserted island, no law, no rules and no sense of control at all. The children went haywire. Instincts existed to go and kill, kill and hunt for prey, take everything due the factor of greed and threat that lay of death and starvation. The threat pushed them forward and the instinct to kill and hunt revealed natural abilities we all have. To kill can easily cross one's mind, and what stops us now from reaching that? Media, society and expectations not to do it and also the all-abiding factor of threat through the law. These have saved us, stopped us from going on an all-round onslaught.

We drown our beliefs a lot in everyday lives. We either take upon a society mainstream belief of the majority, or take on our own outcasted and disrespected beliefs we believe to be true and right. What choices do we make between all that…the choice really is yours.

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