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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Usually this is on the Pitch Of Silence blog, but that is on temporary hiatus until I actually achieve more followers here first.

Here's some music to behold, some songs worth listening to.

1. An Accent Beyond - Portal 2 soundtrack (disk 2)
2. Staircase - Radiohead
3. Forwarding The Cause of Science - Portal 2 soundtrack (disk 2)
4. Pendulum - Konflict
5. Dirge - Death In Vegas
6. Colour Me - Dot Allison
7. Aftersun - Massive Attack

We listen, years upon years,We listen, side by side, We listen....nothing ever comes as close as this....the energy....the incomplete energy of what we need...what we want. Its Now Upon Us.

(c) Jerrod Lew 2011

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